The Three Musketeers

Last night I watched the latest Hollywood adaptation of The Three Musketeers. I have pleasant memories of reading the illustrated version of the Alexandre Dumas novel when i was a child. I remember the exact incident that lead me to that book. I chanced upon it in class when I was in grade four from a classmate. He informed me that I could take it home and read if I could give him some stamps from the collection in my place. I took him home and willingly told him to take his pick>  After all the stamps weren’t that interesting to me. I didn’t know whose collection it was. It had been lying around in my shelf for years. I got a sound scolding from my mom , who informed me that those were old valuable stamps that I’d just given away :s

Anyway I ended up regretting the decision to watch the movie.  I was expecting a swashbuckling adventure with clever wordplay. This had Milla Javanovich back flipping in slow motion through invisible wires wearing a corset. And Christoph Waltz! Shame on him.He was glorious in Inglorious bastards.

I’m all for using the latest tech to create dramatic visuals. The french court and the costumes never looked so good. But did we really need flying ninja fights in the movie? Can’t we for once, be happy with clever word play and intrigue?



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