“Flatten your stomach with 6 easy moves!”

“Get a six pack in a week!”

Screams those pretty headlines you so often see when you open your browser. It’s automatically clicked open (I used to do that). Some people even try out the moves / workout/ miracle diet for a couple of days. Almost all give up half way. Nothing changes. No six pack has miraculously manifested on your stomach. Your butt didn’t become curvaceous all of a sudden. The people on the miraculous diet certainly found themselves guiltily stuffing themselves with whatever was in the fridge at 1 am in the night because they were just so goddamn hungry.

Every year millions of people make resolutions for a better life. Getting healthier, thinner or fitter is right there on top of the list. They get gym memberships, buy gym clothes and show up all bright and peppy for their workouts. The regulars barely give them a second glance. You know why? They’ve seen it all before. It’s not going to last even till February (The gyms accept memberships more than they can accommodate because they know most of them are going to drop out. With a year membership paid up front they have nothing to lose).

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mean to sound so pessimistic. There are ways to transform your body in a short span of time. By short span I mean three months. Right now some people will probably be going
‘Hey my friend went to gym just thrice and he’s all ripped’

“My friend stuffs her face and sleeps all the time and she’s always thin’

Yeah well. You’re not your friend. Not everyone’s metabolism and genes are the same. There are three types of body builds

1- Ectomorph
The typical skinny people with a light build and lean muscles. Ectomorphs find it hard to gain weight since they have fast metabolism rates i.e. the girl in the 2nd example.

2- Endomorph
They generally have a soft and round body. Usually fat since they have a slower metabolism. The good news is that if they exercise hard they have the potential to grow very large muscle.

3- Mesomorph
These people have the best of both worlds, won the genetic jackpot, so to speak. They find it easy to either gain or lose weight. Respond very quickly to exercise and have lean muscular bodies. They are naturally strong.

People don’t fit into these body types very rigidly. Mostly people are a mixture of two of them. My body type is between endomorph and mesomorph.

You can’t keep using your friends or relatives examples forever as excuses not to exercises. People always fantasize about how they’ll hit the beach when they get that six pack. How the ladies will salivate over their hot bods. The brutal truth? The most likely scenario? It’s never going to happen. You dream of becoming a millionaire, a traveler an astronaut whatever. Nobody stops to think of the possibility that they will just remain dreams. Being fit is one of the most realistic goals you can achieve but sadly yeah. For most people it’s never going to happen.

One find day a mysterious elixir that makes you thinner or a marvelous revolutionary exercise that gives you the body of a Greek god/goddess is not going to fall on your head. If you can’t accept the simple truth that unless you change your life to make exercises as important as eating and breathing no major changes will come. Your shirt size will keep becoming bigger. You’ll find it harder to walk around. Pretty soon you’ll get kids and start putting their pics instead of yours on your Facebook profile because you’re just too fat to fit into a single snapshot. Hey look at my sweet baby. She’s cute. She’s a handful; I have no time for myself (Captain subtext: No time for exercise).That last bit was a rant and is not aimed at any person in real life alive or dead.

As someone whose name is synonymous with intelligence – Albert Einstein, once said

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Really now, how intelligent do you have to be to have your name used as a metaphor for intelligence? Doesn’t it make sense you follow that advice from today onwards?

Realize that physical fitness is a commitment and a lifestyle instead of a trend. NBA basketball players aren’t always chillaxing with babes and partying it up. Ballerinas don’t sleep on pretty pink flowers until it’s time to dance. They spend hours and hours perfecting their art, their style. So that when the time comes they get to perform and shine.

YOU just have to spend one hour every two days at the gym or half an hour every day, exercising at home. Think about it. Oh wait. Don’t just think about it. Do it.

{P.S For every article like this there’ll be one commenter who goes
“Weyyyll. Ma Gran Pappy smoked like a chimney and he was fit as a horse till he wawz 95. He never did them fancy schmancy exa cize.”
Felt like I had to write that before he/she does. }


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