Chin Ups and Me

How come every single damn house in the world has a huge sofa faced towards a TV and not a single place to do a goddamn chin up? You would think behavior that is an etiology for cardiovascular disease (ie lying around watching the telly) should be discouraged and behavior that points towards exercise would be given primal importance. But nooooo..

I’ve spent the last half an hour roaming around my apartment looking for a bar, an overhanging, even a little hole in the wall which is strong enough to hold my weight so that I can do some chin ups. The cloth hanger that we’ve inherited from our friend is too weak. The little cupboards overheard are just glorified cardboard and I’m not going to hang from the central heating pipes lest I invent some new way to have a household accident.

When me and my room mate moved into this apartment an year ago we took a membership at the nearby gym. We didn’t have much money but we sacrificed our lifestyle for the thing that was of paramount importance to us. A place to workout. And its paid dividends. We had a place to go and hang out and we managed to see the transformation we wanted. We met the coolest people and and ogled the most legendary babes. Whats not to love? Our membership runs out this month though. We’re finishing our internship next month and flying home on July. I still want do a workout every day though.

Workouts don’t cost much. I can do pushups for my chest. Try to do single leg pistol squats for my legs. Upside down pushups for my shoulders. I have a 30 yuan ab roller for my abs. I can do leg raises on the bed , do planks on the floor. In fact I can do everything except do PULL UPS for my back!!!

I’m rather proud of my pull up count. I can do ten full pull ups. Now that may not seem much to a lay person but it is difficult, believe me. I was a homebody when I grew up, just a nerd who stayed at home and read books. Then I was forced to join the army (long story) and believe me the training was hell. We had to do five pull ups before we could eat. In fact the pull up bar was the door way to the mess hall. My friend Saandu (which means strong in my language) had to push me up by the trousers every time so that I could crank out five. I could barely do any even after I completed my training.

Back home, my little tower of a room had one advantage. There was no ceiling so the overhanging bars were visible. Though it looked like a prison for others it was heaven for me. I finally had a place to hang. I could even use them as monkey bars there were so many.

In china though (where I am studying now) most apartment complexes have a park like thingy with pull up bars , monkey bars and stuff. All except the places that are in a ten minute periphery from house!!! I’ve kept a lookout the last couple of day! Hmmm. Reminds me of the time when I was in India when I was so desperate to do bench presses that I tried to ‘borrow’ a bench from the nearby horse race course (another long story);

Oh well. I’ll just keep looking.


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