View from the Police Station

ImageI was at the police station today to renew my visa registration. As an intern studying in China such procedures are really important to get done as quickly as possible.

As I was waiting near the counter for the policewoman to fill my form my gaze wandered to the adjacent room near the counter. From a wall to wall window i could see nine huge high resolution monitors on the walls showing different streets in the nearby vicinity.

The image in the center looked so familiar. Its the same view I watch every day while I drink my morning coffee! The local police station has a camera right under the window of my apartment with a clear view of the building and street across.

I called my flatmate and asked him whether he could come to the kitchen window and i described the scene he could see perfectly. He found it strange/creepy/interesting as much as i did too. i wanted to ask him to come across the street and I’ll take a pic of him through the police station video monitors. But then it would seem like something thiefy type person who’s scoping out the police cameras to scope out all their angles would do?

My street is famous for its outdoor food in the summer. The street would be blocked and barbecues stands will crop up every night. Maybe the combination of crowds and late night drinking that goes on every night may cause arguments or fights..

Whatever the reason I’ll know I’m being watched every time I walk on my street again


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