I’m three weeks into my internship and its not going as smoothly as i envisioned. The biggest barrier I’ve had to deal with is communicating with the patients since my Chinese is quite poor. My teacher is quite fluent in English although i do have to chase her and cajole her occasionally into showing me patients and reading the reports. i have joined the doctors rounds on most mornings and even though it takes place in Chinese i am getting the gist of whats happening.
My first department was the respiratory department and mostly I’ve come across patients with pneumonia, pulmonary abscess, asthma, COPD and respiratory failure. Sometimes there are patients who remain for quite a while without getting diagnosed and are then discharged.
Although i feel that three weeks is not adequate to master all the diseases of respiration I’ve had to move on to the next department as per my internship schedule. its gastrointestinal diseases in the 2nd part of the first affiliated hospital , which is convenient for me since its about ten minutes walk from my place.
I’ve had to miss the first class today since it was raining really heavily today. there was a typhoon warning yesterday and my teacher called to warn everyone to stay indoors and store enough food and water. I tracked the course of Typhoon Muifa online and it seems to be going near the periphery of our city Dalian.
I’ve been wondering what i should do in case the typhoon does hit our area? do i buy enough food to last a month and shack up on candles? do i tape huge X’s on all the glass windows in the apartment so that they don’t shatter easily? although if the typhoon ends up not hitting our area i will be feeling a little foolish then. not to mention having to remove all the tape from the glass
blog soon!


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