finally, my turn as the operator

its really frustrating to use wordpress here. it either never opens or takes forever to do any given specific task. but it seems to be working very well at the moment. most probably because i’m staying up tonight past 1 30 to study for my chinese exam tomorow.

i thought i’d write about the surgery which i did today. it was my turn to be the operator . i assumed we would be doing a side to side suture of the intestine today since that was the next one given in our surgery book. so i practiced all my stitches and was ready for that. but when we showed up for the surgery .. surprise!! i had to do a splenectomy. (remove the spleen). i was in no way prepared for that.

anyway it seemed pretty straightforward after our teacher showed it. i just had to pull the spleen out and and ligate the hell out of each and every artery in the way. which i proceeded to do .

a girl in our group performed the next operation which was the side to side anastomosis. (the one i studied for :s)

we went to check on our surgery dog this evening at 4. the surgery incision looked fine and the dog was resting peacefully. it looked healthy thank god!!!. we left it some sausages and water.

the photo above is of the place where our surgery dogs are kept. it was taken on the day we all came to claim our dogs. u can see my friend taking photos of every person with their assigned dogs.


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One Response to finally, my turn as the operator

  1. suddenlyoneday says:

    You write so casually about things that are huge… like “just had to pull the spleen out.” But it seems like you did a good job! And the dogs are well – yay!

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